ISEAI 2019 Conference Lecture: Dr. Robert Naviaux – Is It Safe to Heal? The Metabolic Features of the Healing Cycle and Recovery from Chronic Illness


Video and slides PDF access provided. See Dr. Robert Naviaux’s 2019 bio. He is also a keynote speaker for our 2023 event. This 2019 video is a good primer to review ahead of the 2023 event!



2019 Lecture Highlights:

  • The treatment of acute and chronic illnesses require different approaches
  • The triggers that cause chronic illness are often remote. Chronic diseases commonly persist despite the removal of triggers.
  • The mitochondrial and metabolic features of the healing cycle are described
  • Repeated activation of the cell danger response (CDR) can lead to delays in healing, but new strategies to unblock healing and restore health are now being tested in clinical trials

Note: Also see Dr. Naviaux’s updates in his May 2023 paper “Mitochondrial and metabolic features of salugenesis and the healing cycle”

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