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Past Events

ISEAI 2022 Conference
Cultivating Resilience: The Environmentally Acquired Illness Framework
May 20-22, 2022 ⦁ Livestream

ISEAI 2020 Conference
One People, One Planet, One Health

ISEAI 2019 Inaugural Conference
Healing Complex Patients in a Toxic World
May 3-5, 2019 ⦁ Just outside Phoenix, Arizona

Our first symposium was held at the beautiful Civana resort.

We had a fabulous line-up of speakers, including Dr. Robert Naviaux, Dr. Joseph Brewer, Dr. Joseph Burrascano, Dr. Michael Gray, Dr. Sonia Rapaport, Dr. Mary Ackerley, and Dr. Neil Nathan, among others.

The Forum for Integrative Medicine
Exploring Practical Solutions for Complex Conditions
March 7-9, 2019 ⦁ Bellevue, WA

The 4th annual conference for the “Forum for Integrative Medicine” in Seattle. “The Forum for Integrative Medicine” is a collaborative effort by practitioners from a multi-disciplined background to expand their integrative approach to treating chronic illness and all that it encompasses. This conference is for practitioners to be able to share their expertise, successes, research, treatments, and tools.

ISEAI Board Members speaking:

  • Dr Mary Ackerley, MD
  • Dr Neil Nathan, MD

The Toxic Mold Summit
Online and FREE from January 28 – February 3, 2019

The summit includes interviews with ISEAI members:
Mary Beth Ackerley, MD, MD(H), ABIHM (Vice President)
Kelly K McCann, MD, MPH, TM (Board Director)

…and many other experts in this field

Presented by ISEAI Founding Diplomate Member Margaret Christensen, MD, FACOG, IFMCP

The Toxic Mold Summit logo

Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM) Annual Conference
September 22-26, 2018 ⦁ San Diego

ISEAI Board Members speaking on the topic “Environmentally Acquired Illness: A Growing Epidemic”:

  • Dr Sonia Rapaport, MD
  • Dr Mary Ackerley, MD
  • Dr Lauren Tessier, ND
  • Margaret DiTulio, APRN

AIHM 2018 conference in San Diego, CA September 22-25

The Forum for Integrative Medicine
Treating the Untreatable: Unraveling Complex Chronic Illness
April 5-7, 2018 ⦁ Chicago

ISEAI Board Members speaking:

  • Dr Keith Berndtson, MD
  • Dr Sandeep Gupta, MD
  • Dr Neil Nathan, MD

The Forum for Integrative Medicine 2018 Conference

AAEM Conference
Spring Meeting: Advanced Techniques in Environmental Medicine
March 1-4, 2018 ⦁ Dallas

ISEAI Board Members speaking:

  • Dr Mary Ackerley, MD
  • Dr Keith Berndtson, MD
  • Dr Jill Carnahan, MD
  • Dr Neil Nathan, MD
  • Dr Sonia Rapaport, MD

AAEM Conference Spring 2018

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