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Clinician related:

  • Biotoxin Research Database – Research paper collection. Focus on inhaled, transdermal and ingested biotoxins and inflammagens causing multi-system, multi-symptom illness (Caleb Rudd,
  • Biotoxin Biomarker Database  – Biomarker list for biotoxin illness in Australia and the United States, with useful links. (Caleb Rudd,
  • Binder Compendium – Toxin and toxicant binding, excretion, and mitigation— medications, supplements, foods, and other modalities. (Caleb Rudd,
  • IEP/Clinician Communications Forms
  • ISEAI Physician, IEP, Other Professionals listings: Get Help page
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Patient/public related:

  • ISEAI Patient Resources – Includes positive daily practices for health, useful websites, support and information groups on biotoxin illness – including local and regional groups, and resources such as articles, books and films
  • ISEAI Physician, IEP listings, and other professionals: Get Help
  • ISEAI membership: Non-Professional Supporting Membership – Available to members of the public (individuals with general interest in environmentally acquired illness who are not eligible for clinical training and licensure). Includes access to a private Facebook group with free replays of some conference content.