Terms of Service

All ISEAI Members agree to abide by the Terms of Service, which include our Membership Ethics Policy and Member Forum Rules and Etiquette Guidelines.

Sharing Forum posts or other members-only information publicly (via email, social media, etc) is not allowed. Particularly note item 5 in our Forum Rules and Etiquette Guidelines (below).

Note that when you are approved and pay your first yearly membership fee a one-time yearly payment will be set up in Stripe or PayPal. If using Stripe you can adjust your settings at any time by logging in to iseai.org and using the My Account page (Members tab). If using PayPal, please adjust your settings directly in your PayPal account. You will be sent an email reminder one month and one week prior to your yearly membership renewal date. Please make sure your credit card information is up to date.

ISEAI reserves the right to make changes to membership including requirements, benefits, costs and other aspects of services at any time, with or without notice. (Members will always be given notice of any change to costs which would increase their annual dues).

Membership Ethics Policy

The ISEAI Membership Ethics Policy is based on and complementary to the high standard of medicine expected of its Members and Diplomates. Members who are health care professionals must adhere to the following ethical standards. A member who violates these standards may be counseled or expelled from ISEAI.

Each ISEAI health provider must:

  1. Seek to develop and maintain core competencies in environmentally acquired illness (EAI) and seek to maintain a high level of professional qualification through continuous education, as EAI is an evolving field of expertise.
  2. Practice and promote evidence-based medicine in EAI. Members must not claim results or outcomes unsupported by documented, verifiable evidence. When members have an opinion regarding treatment that is based on personal or financial ties rather than clinical judgment, they nevertheless must share alternative perspectives and treatment options with patients.
  3. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing their individual scope of practice.
  4. Conduct themselves honestly, fairly, and in good faith, and treat patients and other healthcare professionals with respect.
  5. Uphold these standards of professionalism. A member who knows that another ISEAI member has engaged in conduct that violates these standards or otherwise could cause harm to patients must report this to an officer of the ISEAI board of directors.
  6. Present any research findings with complete honesty and accuracy, and, if conducting research, shall behave ethically towards human subjects. Members who publish research must disclose any conflicts of interest that are arguably relevant to the work published.
  7. If prescribing or recommending a product or service (other than direct medical care) from which they would profit, provide patients with full and complete disclosure, orally and in writing, of their financial interest in the product or service.
  8. Seek to provide a portion of services to patients who cannot afford to pay a provider’s usual fees.

Member Forum Rules and Etiquette Guidelines

Please visit: Member Forum Rules and Etiquette Guidelines.

ISEAI has established rules and etiquette guidelines to ensure the Members Forum remains a useful and positive communication tool.