Apply for Student Membership

To apply for Student membership, submit your completed application along with the required supporting documents. We will review your application and notify you when you are approved, at which time your $50 yearly membership fee will be due. Once paid, you will have access to the members-only portion of our website, and the member Forum.

We never share a member’s private information so, for communication purposes, we would appreciate it if you share all contact information requested.

Before submitting your application, please review our Terms of Service.
Sharing Forum posts or other members-only information publicly (via social media, etc) is not allowed. Particularly note item 8 in our Forum Rules and Etiquette GuidelinesDo keep all postings confidential among members of ISEAI, and do not forward a member’s post or email to anyone outside the Forum without the express permission of the sender.  Likewise, do not cc or bcc a person who is not a member of ISEAI when responding to Forum posts via email.

Note: When your membership is approved you will be asked to pay your initial one-time yearly membership dues via Stripe or PayPal. You will be sent an email reminder one month (and one week) prior to your yearly membership renewal date. Each year you will be given the option to renew your membership, and you can control your settings by logging in to and using the My Account page (Members tab). Please make sure your credit card information is up to date.

Step 1:

Provide Supporting Documents:

  • Student ID, or proof for student/training status

This document is required in order for the Membership Committee to review your application – please provide it at your convenience by email – membership (at)

Step 2: Apply