Exposure Concerns in Your Home? How an Indoor Environmental Professional Can Help

By Jill Carnahan, MD, ISEAI Board Director. Dr Jill’s practice: Flatiron Functional Medicine. (Original Article) The environment and human lifestyles are changing rapidly and our genetics haven’t kept up with these changes. Humans spend more time [...]

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Finding the Right Indoor Environmental Professional to Assess Your Home

This guide was created by a group of ISEAI's IEP members. (PDF version)When you or a loved one suffers from an Environmentally Acquired Illness (EAI), your home/workplace are often looked at as potential sources of [...]

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It’s That Season Again. Histamine – What Are You Doing to Me?

By Lori Allen, RPh, ISEAI Diplomate, owner of Mixtures Pharmacy Have you ever walked into a friend’s home and started to sneeze, or got itchy eyes, and then found out that your friend has cats? [...]

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