Exposure Concerns in Your Home? How an Indoor Environmental Professional Can Help

By Jill Carnahan, MD, ISEAI Board Director. Dr Jill’s practice: Flatiron Functional Medicine. (Original Article) The environment and human lifestyles are changing rapidly and our genetics haven’t kept up with these changes. Humans spend more time [...]

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Member Spotlight: Larry Schwartz, BSME, MBA, CIEC

Larry Schwartz is an ISEAI Founding Full Member and Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP). He has been actively involved in running ISEAI's IEP Committee and has been a notable speaker at our annual conferences. He [...]

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Finding the Right Indoor Environmental Professional to Assess Your Home

This guide was created by a group of ISEAI's IEP members. (PDF version)When you or a loved one suffers from an Environmentally Acquired Illness (EAI), your home/workplace are often looked at as potential sources of [...]

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