Larry Schwartz is an ISEAI Founding Full Member and Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP). He has been actively involved in running ISEAI’s IEP Committee and has been a notable speaker at our annual conferences.

He is the founder and president of Safestart Environmental.

What is your primary field of work, where are you located, and do you offer remote consultations?

My primary field of work is investigation, assessment, defining needed corrections, and treatment solutions for indoor air quality as an IEP. I am located in the upper midwest near Chicago. I offer both onsite visits as well as very successful virtual consultations both nationally and globally. I also offer environmental sampling (testing).

What are your specialties and unique perspectives on environmental health?

My specialties include considering all possible sources and causes of environmental issues in a home or workplace. I look at the big picture and consider the indoor environment as a system. I try to better define and understand various interactions both inside and outside of the system, and what  controls can be implemented so the indoor environment will be healthier as a whole. 

How did you get into your field of expertise and what led you into the realm of EAI?

As a graduate engineer, I learned how to observe all variables and factors and zero in on what is relevant and causing the issues that are needed to be treated.

In terms of environmentally acquired illness (EAI), I was initially referred by a medical client to a local physician, Dr. Keith Berndston, MD. I then met with Dr. Berndston several times for lunch meetings and he started to send patients to me (so I could investigate their homes). He introduced me to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, who had me lead the peer reviewed document, the Environmental Consensus Document. Things just accelerated from there.

What are one or two of your biggest EAI “aha” moments?

One of those “aha” moments for me has been proving my hypothesis that Actinomycetes bacteria levels are produced higher in bedrooms and baths as well as why. I have performed testing in several homes and have recommended methods of minimizing the production and control of Actinomycetes. We are  postulating that many symptom triggers are most likely from these microbes. Learning this has been a big “aha” moment for me.

Another huge “aha” moment for me is realizing the help I am providing to others improves their health and quality of life. Also, finding that my detective skills bear out reality and my solutions have been helpful are huge “aha” moments for me.

What would you like the public and other ISEAI members to know?

The public needs to know that a large number of people may have an inflammatory condition. Many people have symptoms that are not being treated in a root cause way. We at ISEAI are on the cutting edge of so much in assessment and treatment of these conditions. ISEAI is necessary to champion and inform the physicians, IEPs, other health care providers, and the public about the best cutting edge information and solutions to help minimize the environmentally caused health issues. I am very proud to be a part of this movement.

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